Georgia Mountain Coaster

Thing To Do Georgia Mountain Coaster

Helen, Georgia already has all the charm in the world. This bustling North Georgia town attracts thousands of visitors annually, but there's a new reason to plan a road trip here. The Bavarian-styled wonderland is now taking things to new heights (literally) with the addition of an alpine coaster that takes you on a crazy ride through the mountains.

An alpine coaster is basically a miniature rollercoaster. Don't let the miniature part sway your interest. It is a tiny cart, but it has the same level of excitement as any amusement park. Unlike a rollercoaster, riders have more control over their experience. You can choose to control the speed or ride with the brakes off. You can hit 25 mph, which is pretty fast when you're aimlessly flying down an open track.

Georgia Mountain Coaster is the first of its kind in Georgia, so you're guaranteed a completely unique experience. You'll be surrounded by lush greenery as you hit the up and downs of the Helen hillside. If you're a screamer, you can opt to ride solo. If you need moral support, you can ride with only one other buddy.

By Kayla Dungee