Posted on 6/14/2017

Eerie Silence & Darkness expected in Northeast Georgia

Guests will be traveling to the Northeast Georgia Mountains from all over the globe for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. This is The Astronomical Event you don't want to miss! Astronomers and Skywatchers are excited to participate in what North America hasn't experienced in almost 40 years. In fact, some have been looking forward to this event for more than a decade. Join the Eclipse Chasers when the first Total Solar Eclipse occurs in Helen and Sautee, Georgia.Sun Watchers and Moon Gazers will find the best spot to settle in for up to two and a half minutes of eerie darkness and silence on August 21, 2017. Plan to be here! Reserve a cabin in advance with Georgia Mountain Rentals.eclipestagesJoin us for this event. Guests staying with Georgia Mountain Rentals will be able to experience exactly 1 minute and 41 seconds duration of totality in Helen and Sautee, Georgia. The eclipse in our area will begin its partial phase around 1:05 pm on Monday, August 21st. The full eclipse will begin at 2:35 pm.The total eclipse takes place when the moon completely covers the sun and its corona. This incredible event will stretch across the United States beginning in Salem, Oregon and ending in Charleston, South Carolina. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has even created a preview of the eclipse called NASA's Eyes or Eyes on the Eclipse. In this interactive, 3D simulation of the total eclipse. you can preview the event from your computer screen!color eclipse

Facts about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse in Georgia

  • The average path of totality width will be 71.5 miles across Georgia.
  • The central line will cover a distance of 12 miles across Georgia.
  • The average central line duration of totality will be 2 minutes 38 seconds across the state of Georgia.
  • The average speed of the Moon's shadow will be 1456 mph across Georgia.
  • The last two total solar eclipses visible from Georgia were on March 07, 1970 and May 28, 1900.
  • The next two total solar eclipses visible from Georgia will be on August 12, 2045 and March 20, 2052.
All views of the eclipse depend on two things: weather and eye protection. We all know that we are not supposed to look directly into the sun on a regular day. On the day of the Total Solar Eclipse, it is even more important to protect our eyes from UV rays. Yes, it is tempting to look without eye protection. Don't look directly into the sun even during the Total Solar Eclipse! Stay tuned for more on Georgia Mountain Rentals' Total Experience of the Solar Eclipse.
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